Learn about the number 5 and it’s numerology meaning!


Hello Everyone!

katy kThis week I attended the Brisbane ‘Ekka’ (short for Exhibition). I originally had no intention of going and then I woke up one morning feeling inspired to go as I was already in Brisbane.

OMG, I ate way too much junk food, had a lot of fun and enjoyed checking out all the dogs on display. It is always lovely to view all the talented entrants in the competitions. Some of the cake decorating was outstanding and the quilts.

I have been blessed to be able to spend the last week in Brisbane with my granddaughter Sophia, and we sure did have some fun times. She soon got over the cold virus that she had (and that she gave to me) and then became the lovely happy child that I was expecting to encounter.

Since the birth of Sophia, my immune system has all but given up, and I seem to catch everything off her. I’m not complaining, as no one forced me to cuddle and kiss her while she was unwell.


Did you know that in numerology that your name says a lot about you? Even the number of vowels in your name reveals secrets.

For example, in my full name, including my middle name, I have a total of five vowels. There are 3 x ‘A’ and 2 x ‘E’. When you have 5 vowels in your name, it means the following:

Five – is often the vowel number for clever, quick-minded people who enjoy learning and acquiring new skills. They are quick thinkers and creative. Finding balance in their lives can be challenging for some as they seek freedom while learning how to adapt to change and be more flexible.

Are you interested in finding out more about the meaning of the number of vowels in your name? Check out next week’s newsletter and I will share more!

As you may know, from viewing my social media pages, I love positive affirmations and endeavour to post one every day. Recently, I felt the need to declutter, and I removed all the affirmations that were very special to me that had been on the wall next to my desk for years.

This saying is all about understanding that happiness isn’t something that magically falls into your lap. It’s like a special treasure that you can choose to find, but it takes a little effort.

Sometimes, you have to put in the work to create happiness for yourself. It’s like planting seeds in the garden and nurturing them with care. You need to make an active choice to focus on positive things, practice gratitude, and do things that make your heart smile.

So, don’t wait for happiness to happen to you – go out there and make it happen with a little bit of effort!

Wishing you good health and happiness
Until next week…




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