October is here … what to expect in an ‘indigo’ month


Hi Everyone!

It is Mercury in Retrograde time!

Oh No! Mercury is in retrograde!

The Mercury Retrograde phases always fill me with dread, as chaos always ensures at some level, no matter how positive I am or if I try to ignore it.

As it occurs three to four times a year and for nine weeks at a time, when you include the pre-shadow and post-shadow phases, it sometimes seems like it is always Mercury Retrograde time.

As usual, there are already many things malfunctioning, misunderstandings and the usual chaos that ensures, with it all starting promptly with the beginning of the shadow period.

One thing I can depend on is that Mercury always seems to start on time. I am not even game to live stream during this time for fear of internet issues!

By the way, the post shadow phase ends on 2nd November 2021. Some people ignore the shadow phases and I have tried that, but it makes no difference for me, and I am told that is because Mercury is sitting in the spot on my Natal chart that says Mercury will give me trouble…. Aaargh!



Colour has energy and each colour vibrates at a different frequency. Therefore, certain colours will appeal to you and others may repel you.

You will find that you love the colours that you are most in sync with. Each colour also has its own special significance.

Each month I have been writing about the colour assigned to the upcoming month and presenting you with a bit of a forecast.

I hope you enjoy my colour forecasts.


  • Indigo is the colour of intuition and perception
  • This month will be a good time for contemplation, and meditation should be a priority to deepen your spiritual connection
  • Many of you may notice that your intuition is heightened
  • The following crystals can enhance your meditations, for an even stronger connection. Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Iolite, and Tanzanite
  • Some of you may find that people may seem more direct and even a little cool towards you and you may find yourself being direct in your communications
  • Be aware that it is possible for past issues that have not been dealt with to pop up again
  • As Mercury is in Retrograde this month be sure to communicate effectively
  • A good time for experiencing meditations to do with the third eye
  • Prepare for change and try not to make any rash decisions, as it could be too easy to misunderstand situations. Make time to reflect on the issue and work out a strategy, on how to deal with the situation the right way, instead of impulsively jumping straight in



Are you ready to join us for this month’s series of zoom online classes called ‘Everything Modern Oracle – October 2021.’

Each class is not dependent on having done any previous classes so you can sign up at any time to join me and have some fun learning and developing your intuitive gift.

Each session includes a meditation, an in-depth look at the Modern Oracle cards, psychic reading tips, practice doing readings, different card spreads to work with and much more.

My goal is to assist you to become more at ease with reading with the cards, and to improve your connections and communicate more effectively with your spirit team.

For more information or to sign up for the course visit https://katy-k.thinkific.com/

Blessings to you.


Katy K’s Psychic Tips

Katy-K’s Psychic Tips

Mercury is currently in retrograde and if you are into astrology, wearing any of the following crystals is suggested to solve the negative effects of the planet Mercury:

  • Emerald – for emotional stability and mental strength, improves communication
  • Peridot – increases strength, awareness, reduces anxiety, calming
  • Amazonite – assists with expressing yourself clearly with tolerance, confidence calming
  • Green Fluorite – for focus, peace, and harmony
  • Aquamarine – for calming anxiety, and improving communication
  • Black Tourmaline – assists with letting go of fear, anxiety, and chaotic energy
  • Shungite – put near your tech devices to minimise the toxic effects


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