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Hello Everyone!

Has anyone else had ‘Spring Fever’?

I am sure that I have it. I have been busy making changes around our home, and little décor upgrades – thanks to a visit to Kmart and Target. and I have also started working on a ‘vegepod’.

Yesterday I was up to my elbows in cow manure, potting mix, and perlite preparing the soil for the seedlings that I am going to plant. Over the years I have tried having gardens and didn’t like how the possums, ducks, and all other wildlife raided it.

Now with a vegepod, which is covered, I will be able to produce fresh organic produce. I am starting with herbs and strawberries and will also look at planting salad greens, which all meant a trip to Bunnings.

We have a new Bunnings store, and it is massive, so easy to lose time there, but I only a medium-sized pod so I will be restricted by the size.

Last weekend I had my Facebook/YouTube live and a special zoom session called “Am I Clairaudient?’ that I presented online from our daughter Chloe’s house and nothing went right and I couldn’t even blame Mercury being in Retrograde.

The recording failed for the Zoom session and I will have to find time to re-record it, so if you have been looking for the recording in Thinkific, you are not going crazy, it is not there yet. We will notify everyone when it is available.

If you have not signed up already, it’s FREE for the month of October – sign up for my mini-course and take the quiz to see if you are Clairaudient!

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The next thing that happened was for the first time ever Facebook failed and said it was unavailable to connect. It took me 20 minutes to find an alternative
way to set up, so I was late, I am so sorry if you missed it and thought it didn’t happen. If you want to catch up, you can find the recording of that session HERE on my Facebook page. 

I also recently quietly released new booking dates for readings, but they all went within an hour and mainly to our waiting list as we let them know first. I am now looking at my diary once again to find some more times to release on our online calendar.

Wishing you good health and happiness
Until next week…




Psychic Reading Facts & Tips

Another 3 Signs That You Have Clairaudient Abilities

  1. Animal Communication: You seem to understand what animals are trying to convey through their sounds and behaviour.
  2. Ring or Buzz: You hear ringing, buzzing, or high-pitched tones in one or both ears, often associated with spiritual or energetic shifts.
  3. Messages from Objects: You pick up on information or history from objects or places through sounds or inner voices.

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