Where will Mercury retrograde influence your star sign?


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Mark your calendar for April 21, 2023, when Mercury goes retrograde until May 14, 2023. This astrological event will have you thinking about your security on several levels. Don’t forget, you can learn how to become a ‘Master’ of Mercury in Retrograde with my mini-course!

During this time, some of you may feel the urge to spend on things that bring you joy. Think: Splashing out on that Hawaiian vacation you’ve wanted to take for ages vs. a new dress you don’t need.

Below are further tips on how Mercury retrograde may influence you according to your star sign. As I am not an astrologist, I have obtained this information from a reliable source.

Where will Mercury retrograde influence your star sign?

♈ Aries: Your money, income, and values
♉ Taurus: Who you are, how you look, your attitude
♊ Gemini: Your thoughts and emotions could feel scrambled, and you’re also open to misinformation
♋Cancer: Your friendships, groups, and ambitions
♌Leo: Your career and your ideas about what constitutes job stability
♍ Virgo: Your spiritual beliefs, your views on the media, a return to study or to an overseas destination
♎ Libra: Financial and relationship security
♏Scorpio: Relationships, especially with any issues around honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty
♐ Sagittarius: Your day-to-day work and health routines and your diet
♑ Capricorn: Romance, re-considering whether to start a family, plus revisiting a creative project
♒ Aquarius: Your home life, a return to going greener, or potentially feeling rootless
♓ Pisces: Not sure what or whom to believe, returning to study, miscommunications with siblings or neighbours, issues with transport

Grandbaby Update…

Baby Sophia is doing well and continues to be oh-so-cute. I love getting the updates on her from my daughter.

I miss her terribly and can’t wait until my next visit.

She seems so alert and continues to do the
eat-sleep-eat-sleep cycle thing, with the short awake times starting to become slightly longer.

Many people have sadness in their lives for whatever reason. It could be the death of a family member, the loss of a friendship, or any other kind of event that can lead to the feelings of loss and grief.

To assist with processing this sadness and to start the healing process I do my Healing Heart meditation at least every couple of weeks during the grieving period.

My Healing Heart meditation, with the assistance of your Healing Angels will get you on the way to recovery and able to cope better in your life as you heal.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I feel refreshed and lighter after this meditation. It felt supportive and reassuring and was easy to do. I have a clear vision of a healthy whole heart vibrant and will recommend this meditation to anyone who has experienced emotional pain.” – Susan

Learn more about my ‘Healing Heart’ meditation.

Psychic Reading Information: Intuitive readings are not set in stone and can be subject to change due to free will. The future is changeable. The intuitive will see an outline of probable realities at the time of the reading, and they will see the potential future at that moment which can be changed by your actions.


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