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Sarah Yip

Speaking about The Modern Oracle by Katy-K in her blog post Tarot Card Reading for Beginners – My 11 Favourite Decks
Pros: So user-friendly! Small, high quality cards which are easy to shuffle, Australian-designed and my clients love the simple, powerful messages. This is the deck I would give a beginner.
Cons: None. This deck will leave you wanting more – I would love to see another series one day.


A huge thank you for your amazing workshops on Saturday (Reading with Colour & Ribbons, Introduction to The Modern Oracle) – My head was spinning when I left … but so well worth it!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the card workshop – got my partner to do the 6 card spread the next morning….WOW!! Love these cards!!!! Especially when it showed the relationship area matched in with mine, and all other areas were him to a tee. Was especially good when my intuition finally kicked in and the reading started to flow!


I would like to praise and thank Kathryn for the wonderful, accurate and inspiring reading I had the privilege to have with her; she stunned me with her accuracy about myself as a person and about my twin daughters. She also gave me an insight about developing my spirituality and inspired me to consider developing my inner psychic intuition; I am so looking forward to meeting Kathryn in England later in the year. Thank you so much again.

Shafiq Koya

Usually people scale rate their readings between 1 & 10 but Katy is a singularity & in a class of her own. Katy possesses a variable intuitive aptitude of ability & its crystal clear that Katy is on top of her game. Katy’s reading exceeded my every expectation & the range of her flawless accuracy kept me energised & engaged throughout the entire reading. Katy revealed blockages & issues that were hindering my life past & present & identified the processes I needed to instil, in order to move forward into the future. Katy also scanned my chakra column & cleared the energy meridians & made me feel awesome instantly. Katy adorned my reading with an immeasurable spiritual dynamic that is unsurpassed & world class. I highly recommend Katy to anyone seeking happiness & fulfilment in their lives & wish Katy every success life has to offer.


Thank you so much Kathryn, I really appreciate your sincerity and gentle manner. I feel so much more at peace and able to ride the storm ahead of me. The reading was so accurate it blew me away and I feel supported that someone understands. I would highly recommend a reading with Kathryn, I had a skype reading which worked really well clear connections. My world was about to fall apart but now I am clear about steps I need to take to keep steady and focussed. Thank you!


I just wanted to write a truly well deserved testimonial for Katy. I have never had a reading done by anyone before. Katy has left me speechless at everything she knew about me when I hadn’t even told her anything. She gained my trust and I knew I could trust everything she was telling me. Katy is straight to the point but she is warm. She made me feel relieved and at ease, she answered all my questions and covered every emotion I was feeling. She knew about my family and certain situations and I feel so blessed that Katy has been able to help me. I felt like I was on the phone to my best friend. Katy is a beautiful woman with a wonderful gift and I’m so glad I got the chance to speak to her.


Just wanted to say it was an awesome experience, and so true to the point, which I was so shocked. My face went numb. I did not have to say anything,I only asked 2 questions at the end. All I can say it was accurate. I wish there was more time, but next time hopefully. Thank you for my reading once again I really appreciated it.


Thank you so much Kathryn for a amazing reading ! You confirmed many thoughts and feelings I have had for a while . Thank you also for the advise and love you have opened a new chapter for now ! Can’t wait to start the engines let the power of above pour out ! The angels hear us we just have to hear them!


Thank you so much Katy. She was very down to earth, informative and to the point. The reading was done via Skype but she made me feel like I was there. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone that would like to have their reading done – even if its through Skype. Once again – Thank you.


Wow! I really enjoyed your workshop. Fantastic, informative, and so much fun. I learnt so much and now feel confident to go out and put it all into practice. Can’t wait for your next workshop.


Katy-k was amazing she was so spot on she answered so many qestions i didn’t need to ask can’t wait till next time . thank you so very much.


WOW. completely blown away with accuracy. I know several people who have had readings and all have had the same reaction. thank you Katy :]


Kathryn was able to connect with not only myself, but my grandmother who passed away before I was born. I found the reading to be amazingly accurate down to tiny details which came as a surprise to me that Kathryn could even have known of them. The reading has helped me to look at various aspects of my life and to trust my intuition. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn and would love to have another reading from her in the future. Thank you!


Kathryn, has been reading my cards for at least four years and in that time has provided readings that are inspirational and revelational. Kathryn told me that I would buy a property near the water and within 2 years, this was the case. She also told me that I would need to consider my health and take that side of my life extremely seriously. Within a year I found out that I had breast cancer. She also told me not to worry about the cancer that I would overcome the situation, within one year I have beaten the cancer and am in remission. My experience with each reading has been extremely thought provoking and I find Kathryn to be an inspirational teacher and a sincere guide who is a support to all.


I just feel like I need to write another testimonial for Katy because I have just had a second reading done and all I can say is WOW!!! honestly Katy is beautiful in every way possible, I trust her with all my heart and absolutely recommend Katy to everyone. Katy is so helpful and helped put my mind at ease she has helped me let go of what is not worth holding onto and allowing me to just be happy and live my life.


Thank you so much Kathryn! I really appreciate your sincerity and gentle manner. I feel so much more at peace and able to ride the storm ahead of me. The reading was so accurate it blew me away and I feel supported that someone understands. I would highly recommend a reading with Kathryn, I had a skype reading which worked really well; clear connections. My world was about to fall apart but now I am clear about steps I need to take to keep steady and focussed. Thank you!


Thank you for my first reading. You were accurate about my health and gave me great insight to my future.

I purchased your oracle cards a while ago and I love them.
They are easy to read and understand but the pictures and colours are beautiful .


I have been using your modern oracle cards for about 5 months now. they are awesome. They have been spot on every time i use them as a reading /guidance for myself.  I draw 5 cards for my daily reading with my intentions asking for guidance and every time the messages that come through with the cards that i choose from the deck have been spot on.  I love the little booklet that comes with the deck that help explain the meaning behind the message on the card. Thank you.


The Modern Oracle is fantastic to use, easy to use and very positive. As a psychic, my go to deck every time. Katy-K worked extremely hard to produce a deck for use for everyone. I love it. Namaste x


The only deck I use in my spiritual practice is the Modern Oracle Deck. The words and picture combination is easy to use. I get so many intuitive hits when I use the cards. A simple one card reading gives me so much information. When I do readings for other people, they come back to me with amazing validations and confirmations. A beginner can use the the Modern Oracle cards right out of the box. All Katy’s on-line courses are extraordinary and she goes above and beyond to offer support to the student community.   10/10 would recommend.


This was my first ever experience with any sort of psychic reading and I have to say it was such a delightful and informative experience. Katy was incredibly warm and personable and made me feel so comfortable. The information that she had insight to was amazing and she really led me to find the clarity and confirmation that I was after. I will definitely recommend Katy to friends and family! Many thanks!

Trish Younie

I’ve had a deck for a while and have gifted a few. Pretty art work, clear and concise and so accurate and easy to work with. Modern is correct c/ terminology. I just really enjoy mine. I know you put mammoth time to get it right. It shows, it works. Much gratitude.

Margaret Cox

I Love Katy-K’s card decks, I use them all the time when I want answers. They prove to me to be very accurate. I Love Katy-K’s personal readings, she is very good card reader, and above all very excellent at receiving messages from Loved ones who have passed on, and passing their messages back to us, Katy is a Godsend, a very lovely lady with a tremendous amount of special gifts to offer to us all.
Thank You Katy-K.. Your a very special special lady..


Another amazingly accurate reading. Concise, accurate, friendly and any other positives one wants to add. I have to chuckle typing this.. issue wasn’t to resolve in 2 days, correct, took 3 days for door to open. Lol. Love to you and your amazing gifts.

Karen McCall

I can highly recommend a reading with Katy. In my experience I have felt so much lighter after the reading, I was searching for some answers and Katy was able to provide clear guidance on the questions I had. I am grateful that Katy is able to share her gift of guidance – Thank you!

Wendy Irvine

I highly recommend Katy-k.Katy is a Truly lovely, caring, humble and compassionate lady with so much potential and knowledge to give. If a competition was going I would vote her Pschyic of the year again. Her Modern Oracle cards talk to you and are so accurate. Especially if you need guidance. Every month she does a free mini reading,and every one I have had are accurate (spot on). She is a very busy lady but always manages to get back to you on your messages or comments. I am in the process of using a Healing Mandala that Katy has done for me. It is certainly awakening me and nourishing me to come from the Heart and guide me to enlightenment. Katy you are a Beautiful Soul a shining light for others.
I have so much respect and trust in you. Love your work.Forever grateful to come across you.

Mandi Louise

A very easy to use deck, so many levels to each card, even if you pulled the same cards for 2 people (highly unlikely) the meanings would be different. Have never met a deck like it. It’s my go to.

Calvin from Melbourne

Katy-k is gifted and provided me with much needed clarity and enlightenment. I’m so deeply thankful for her reading. Do not hesitate booking a session with her.

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